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Creating a great profile is an essential part of ensuring your online dating success.  With thousands of available singles looking for a relationship, you want yours to stand above the rest.  Here are some tips on creating a memorable profile.

1). Include one or more great photos. Photo personals are viewed at least 10 times more than those profiles that do not include photos. You should only place recent photos, no older than a year or two at the very limit (provided you look exactly the same now). You may have been a knockout in high school 20 years ago, but people are going to want to see what you look like now. Most people include a good close-up of their face and one or more photos showing a full shot. It is important to include photos of yourself alone. You don't want to include a photo of you and your ex or a group photo because potential dates might not be able to tell which one in the photo is you. Most computers come with some sort of photo cropping software. If your best recent photos have others in the picture, then crop the photo to highlight yourself. If you do not good recent photos, have a friend take some shots of you to use in your profile. Use photos that show your beautiful smile and those that show you having fun. People will be attracted to you when you show them your best side. Don't scan your driver's license photo or use a web cam. They don't show up very well on the internet.

2). Think of a catchy nickname or user name and write a memorable title. When someone likes your photo then this gives your potential date a reason to further explore your profile.

3). You really get a chance to shine in the sections that ask you to describe yourself in your own words. Tell people what makes you the special person you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. Remember, it is not only what you say but also how you say it, in writing. Write from the heart and be sincere. Take a few moments and complete this section in a thoughtful manner.

4). About your potential date, you want to decide which criteria are a "must have" and which other characteristics are much more open for you to consider. We all are at least somewhat selective on whom we view as our perfect match. However, if you narrow down your criteria too much, you will get far less attention. To help you increase the odds of meeting your special someone, consider widening the age range by 15 years. Try to limit your "must have" criteria down to only two or three. You may be surprised that your soul mate will be someone who you didn't think you were attracted to initially.

5). Realistically decide how much of a distance that you are willing to travel to meet someone. You can't really expect someone that is interested in you to do 100% of the travel in order to meet you and see you regularly. If you are not interested in a long-distance relationship (say over 100 miles), it is better to decide that early on.  

6).  Be positive in your writing. If you are single there are plenty of times where you feel lonely, frustrated or even a little depressed. Your online dating profile is not the time or place to express those feelings. Most people are not attracted to a sourpuss. They want to meet someone who will bring fun and excitement into their lives!

7). Fill out your profile completely. If too many areas are left blank, your potential date may think you are not as serious as they are in finding a meaningful relationship.

8). Be honest in all you say. There is nothing worse than deceiving someone with old photos or a misrepresentation of yourself. Guaranteed you will not get a chance of a second date.

9). Have fun and create a wonderful profile, then sit back and wait for the responses to roll in. Good luck in your search for love!

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